2023 Lunar New Year | Baby Predictions For Each Zodiac

Father and daughter placing décor on chandelier for Lunar New Year

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By: Monica Reynoso 

Lunar New Year 2023 is upon us, and with a new year comes the birth of new possibilities. Referred to sometimes as the Spring Festival, the Lunar New Year is one of the most paramount celebrations of the country, and the celebration has spread worldwide. From a vibrant dancing dragon to fireworks and money-filled envelops gifted to children, bringing in the Lunar New Year has been deemed the event of the season for the whole family.

For each Lunar New Year, a zodiac animal is chosen to represent the year’s theme. This year, 2023, is the year of the rabbit. It is not just any rabbit, though, but a water rabbit. In Asian cultures, elements are attached to the zodiac, including earth, metal, fire, wood, and water. The elements are understood as the nature of the zodiac. Astrologers say that this year should bring peace and good fortune. However, when the rabbit is paired with water, this brings a sense reflection. 

Reflecting on what type of zodiac your expectant child is to be? Read on to learn more about the origins and what characteristics your child may inherit for each zodiac year.

The Legend of the Zodiacs

In China an ancient folklore tells the story that the Jade Emperor, the ruler of heaven, sought to select 12 animals as his guards. To do so, though, the participants needed to race first. The Jade Emperor declared to the animals that whoever made it through the heavenly gates would have a worldly year devoted to them every 12 years.  

The arrivals of each animal would determine the order in which the year was dedicated to them. The first to surpass all the animals in the competition was the rat, thus making the rat the first in the ranking of the zodiacs.

Chinese Zodiacs Personality Predictions

Rat: Resourceful, intelligent, and highly adaptable; with all these qualities at hand, there is no surprise that the rat was the first to arrive in the Jade Emperor’s race. Parents can expect their children who are born in the year of the rat to also be quick-witted, so if an issue arises, they can instantly act. Where this zodiac may need mentoring in, is in trust. Taking extra time to assure them that no matter what their circumstances will be, they will always have support. Following through on promises and being honest with your child can act as the building blocks when creating trust.

Ox: Strength is one of the founding characteristics that embody the ox. Oxen are a determined breed and tackle any challenge with tactfulness and grace. Although people born in this year are dependable, they could lack communication, which can lead to difficulties in collaboration. Parents are encouraged to assure them that their oxen have a voice and being vocal can be advantageous for success. What parents can do to assure their child’s opinion matters is by actively listening and not interrupting when speaking as well consistently ask what they think. For example, asking them where they would like to eat or what they would like to wear.

Tigers: When a conflict arises, the zodiac sign to best rely on is the tiger. Tigers are known to be courageous and ambitious. Those born in the year of the tiger are fierce competitors as well. Since tigers grow to be quick to anger, as cubs it is suggested to place them in an area to channel and release their anger. Acquiring a hobby or placing your child in sports may be beneficial.

A tiger cub looking at its mother laying down relaxed.
Stuffed rabbit toy in crib with baby

Rabbit: The 2023 lunar year belongs to the rabbit, described as kind-hearted, strong-willed, and optimistic. People born in the year of the rabbit are quick and take pride in being responsible. Where rabbits lose their momentum is through confrontation and retreat by avoiding an issue altogether. Parents who instill their children with a healthy self-esteem can potentially aid them when a conflict does arise. When rabbit children have assurance in themselves, they will have the confidence to tackle any mishap that comes their way.

Dragon: In Chinese culture, if there is one symbol of power, it is the dragon. Charismatic, powerful, and naturally talented dragons are born to be dynamic. Children born in the year of the dragon may need some assistance with managing their temper. Teaching a child, the importance of what to do when uncomfortable feelings do arise is vital. Suggesting habits such as taking a walk, journaling, or speaking to someone they can trust in times of distress will inspire healthy reactions, rather than knee-jerk responses.

Snake: The most profound intuition and mysterious of the faction is the snake. Snakes in Eastern culture are also the wisest and revered as great thinkers. Those born in the year of the snake need to be careful about focusing on materialism. The way in which to combat this in a snake’s earlier years is by introducing a healthy relationship with money. Teaching children how to save and spend money can set the tone for the relationship. Learning how to save money can also inspire the spirit of gratitude in a child.

Horse: People born in the year of the horse are known to be energetic, animated, and friendly. At times, horses can also be impatient, which could compel them not to make the short-term decisions that may not serve them in the long run. Developing the skill of being patient may seem difficult to instill in a child but will be favorable for them as adults. Playing puzzles, play dates, and rewarding your child for completing a task consistently should lay a strong foundation for delayed gratification.

Goat: Goats are known to be one of the gentlest of the zodiac signs. Their caring nature makes them apt to be very helpful toward others. Those born in the year of the goats are perceived to have maternal-like gifts. Because they tend to be cautious, goats can fall into being hesitant when making decisions. Instilling confidence is key when educating a child on decision making. Parents should try to avoid harshly critiquing their child and praise them when they do make a positive choice.  

Little girl holding a baby goat

Monkey: If there is anyone that loves the spotlight, it’s those born in the year of the monkey. People are instantly attracted to their lively personalities and wittiness. Where monkeys need to be careful is when jokes go too far and hurt others. Coaching your child on the importance that their actions have an effect on others can inspire empathy. Acknowledge when they are kind and display acts of kindness in front of them so they can derive from an example.

Rooster: When a decision needs to be made, the rooster will take the lead. Roosters are independent, and people never have to guess what they think since they are instinctively communicative. If roosters are not careful, they can unintentionally speak over others. Taking turns can be an effective tool when teaching your child to refrain from interrupting. When they have successfully let a child speak, praise them for completing that task. The reward of praise will eventually compel your child to continuously abstain from interrupting someone

Dog: People who have this zodiac as a friend never have to question their loyalty. Those born in the year of the dog are committed to giving themselves completely in friendships and romantic relationships. They are reliable and lying is challenging since they are naturally honest. Children born in the year of the dog can have a tendency to be anxious, due to the fear of uncertainty. Activities that can assist with relieving anxiety include breathing exercises and practicing mindfulness. Asking your child to take deep breaths or to describe their settings will aid in calming their anxiousness.

Pig: Persistence in the face of the most complex trials encapsulates this Chinese zodiac sign. In the west, pigs may seem feeble, but in the Chinese culture, this could not be further from the truth. Pigs are self-disciplined and dedicated to performing to their best of their abilities especially for others. Where piglets need guidance is in being too trusting of others. Understanding boundaries and stating that they have a right to them early on will lead to harvesting healthy relationships later in life. Establishing the importance of “no” and teaching them to vocalize their needs will create a template for your child.

Fertility in the Year of the Dragon 2024

Of all the zodiacs, the dragon is the only mythological creature of the faction. For this reason, the dragon is revered as divine and perceived as auspicious. When dragons were not flying in the heavens or dwelling in bodies of water, in much of ancient Chinese folklore, dragons were helping humans through their adversities. The mythical creature is said to welcome wealth and success in every sense. When the gongs and drums roar through the streets during the Lunar New Year festival, and the dragon slithers through the crowd, this is an act of embracing all the gifts from the dragon. 

Considering its powerful symbolism, it is no surprise why millions of Asian couples have been determined to have a baby in the year of the dragon. A child born in the year of the dragon is prophesized to bring prosperity to the family. Families waiting to conceive in the year of the dragon will not have to wait any longer. The next year of the dragon falls in 2024. 

Prepare for a Dragon Baby

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