Find an Egg Donor

RFC works with reputable egg donor agencies and we have exclusive access to an affiliated, anonymous egg donor program.  Our patients are welcome to choose any donor from any agency and our coordinators will take care of the rest.

Egg Donor Programs Offered

Our standard egg donor program is anonymous, meaning you will not be provided with identifying information about the donor, nor will the donor be provided with identifying information about you. Donor profiles consist of childhood pictures of the donor, other pictures the donor may feel comfortable sharing, the donor’s health history and family history. Prior to donation, the donor will be subject to a psychological screening, consultation with a psychologist and a signed legal contract that lays out both the donor and recipient rights and responsibilities.

You may be interested in working with a “known” egg donor, which means the donor is someone you know or have met, such as a family member or a friend. In these instances, it is also important to make sure the legal contract and any psychological evaluation requirements are met, to ensure that the rights of the recipient and the donor are protected. Our center is happy to work with any reputable egg donor agencies you may have found. In addition, our patients may also choose to work with our exclusively affiliated egg donor agency, which provides our patients the benefits of having an extensive donor pool, customized search services, online access of profiles at home, guarantee programs, and personalized services, all at a substantial savings compared to using a non-affiliated agency. Scheduling a consultation with our donor agency is free and you do not have to pay any fees to access our donor or surrogate base. Identification verification is required to protect our program participants’ privacy.

RFC has an exclusive and extensive Asian Egg Donor program consisting of the following ethnicities: Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Filipino, Indian, and Taiwanese. The majority of our donors are local, so the recipient couple will not have to pay any travel expenses or lost wages for the donor. Many donors are conveniently available, allowing a no-wait and affordable option.

For a current list of local egg donor agencies, please consult with your designated clinical coordinator.

Egg Donation Process

Detailed medical screening is required by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it may involve testing the donor’s partner (if any) and may require more than one set of blood work.

At minimum, donors are tested for common genetic disorders and a determination will be made if any additional genetic screening is recommended.

A psychologist is available to provide psychological screening for the donor. The screening is helpful in preparing the donor mentally for the procedure and assist in her understanding of the process. The donor will understand if she is ready and committed to undergoing the IVF cycle as a voluntary participant.

Although California is one of the best States for egg donation and surrogacy in the United States, reproductive law is still considered an unsettled area of law. Therefore, we require every egg donation case have a legal contract in place to protect the privacy, rights and responsibilities of both the donor and the recipient. Our patients have expressed that they feel having the legal contract in place prior to donation is a great investment, and it has provided them peace of mind for the future.

Success Rates

Due to our high pregnancy success rates, our affiliated agency is also able to offer peace of mind programs such as the Pregnancy Guarantee Program, Free Re-Match Program, Customized Search Program and Discount Programs. These programs offer free re-match if your donor becomes disqualified or if a pregnancy is not achieved with the chosen donor.

The agency also has vetted donors with previous successful donations and pre-approved donors who have successfully completed testing for potential disqualifying factors.

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