Treatment Options

LGBTQ+ Families

RFC is proud to be a part of the LGBTQ+ community and to help same-sex couples in fulfilling their dreams of having a family. We understand the difficulties and stress patients face as they take on this journey.

LGBTQ+ Family Planning

LGBTQ+ family building would require a third-party reproduction services in the form of egg donors, sperm donors, or gestational carriers (surrogates). RFC is committed to assisting our patients through this entire process, including matching you with a discreet, ethical and reputable egg donor, surrogacy agency, and/or sperm bank that fits your needs. RFC prides itself in working with some of the most respected third party agencies in the USA. Each candidate is given complete psychological and medical evaluations and must meet with legal counsel. RFC has worked with thousands of intended parents who have had successful outcomes through the egg donor/gestational carrier process.

Female Same-Sex Couples

Female same-sex couples have the option to decide the egg source and the partner who will carry the pregnancy. They may also seek an egg donor as their egg source or a surrogate to carry the pregnancy. Surrogates will go through extensive screening prior to treatment. Depending on the couple’s decision, an IVF or IUI cycle will be performed. Sperm source may come from known donor or anonymous donor. All sperm donors will need to be screened prior to donation.

Male Same-Sex Couples

Male same-sex couples can build their family with the help of an egg donor and a surrogate. Egg donors will go through a cycle to retrieve eggs. The donor eggs will be inseminated with the partner's sperm to fertilize and create embryos. The embryo is then transferred into a surrogate to carry the pregnancy to full term. Egg donor and surrogate may be known or anonymous, but both need to go through extensive medical screenings to ensure their qualification.