Treatment Options



RFC works closely with our patients who are looking to use gestational surrogacy for their fertility journey. Intended parents are able to either select a gestational carrier through one of our agencies or provide their own. All gestational carriers are required to have a psychological, physical, and legal clearance prior the the patient’s start of the treatment.

When should I use a surrogate?

Damage to the Uterus

Male Same-Sex Couples or Individuals

Recommended for Women 53+

Undergone Hysterectomy

Pre-Existing Conditions Affecting Fertility

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Gestational Carriers vs Traditional Surrogates

Gestational Carriers

Gestational carriers are women that do not have a genetic link to the egg but choose to carry the pregnancy to assist other families with their fertility journey.

Traditional Surrogates

Traditional surrogates are women who will be carrying the pregnancy and are using one of their own eggs that they have donated and are genetically linked to.