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Revolutionizing Fertility Care

EmbryoScope+ is the most sophisticated and very-well engineered embryo incubator available in the market. Since the beginning of its creation in 2012, it has mostly been used in European countries and Australia. Now, Reproductive Fertility Center is proud to be the first in Orange County to offer this highly-effective, cutting-edge Embryoscope incubator.

What is EmbryoScope+?

VitroLife’s EmbryoScope+ is the very first time-lapse incubator developed to ensure a stable and undisturbed incubation environment for your embryos. This modern, state-of-the-art technology has recorded the following statistics

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More Likely to Transfer and Implant a Viable Embryo
0 %
Less Likely to Experience an Early Pregnancy Loss
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Increase in Ongoing Pregnancy Rates
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Increase in Live Birth Rates

Improving Your IVF Treatment with Better Embryo Selection

This innovative technology boasts pioneering features such as undisturbed stable incubation and constant time-lapse monitoring, promoting the safest culturing process and providing the most accurate assessments of your embryos with premium, high-resolution images. Patients who utilize EmbryoScope+ in their treatment can see the following results:
  • Improved Implantation Rate: Time-lapse improves your chances of transferring a viable embryo resulting increased clinical outcome.
  • Reduced Pregnancy Loss: Selecting the most viable embryo for implantation also means reducing the percentage of pregnancies lost or aborted.
  • Shorter Time to Pregnancy: Improving the clinical pregnancy rate while decreasing pregnancy losses effectively shortens the overall time to pregnancy.

Undisturbed Stable Incubation

EmbryoScope+ is a state-of-the-art technology that enables a stable culture environment for embryos. Temperature is tightly regulated by direct heat contact and air is continuously purified through a HEPA/VOC filter. An integrated gas mixer allows the implementation of reduced oxygen conditions easily and economically.

Small incubation chambers allow rapid recovery of culture conditions after door opening. With the time-lapse technology, it reduces stress to your embryos during its development, as it will remain in an undisturbed environment.

Constant Time-Lapse Monitoring

EmbryoScope+ acquires images of all embryos in multiple focal planes. Utilizing high-quality optics to acquire images, this results in supreme image quality which allows observation of key morphological features. The image acquisition has been thoroughly validated to ensure safety in terms of both light wavelength and total energy exposure as to not add stress to the embryos.

As high-resolution images are acquired, it allows embryologists an improved accuracy in objectively selecting the best embryos for your fertility needs.

Solving the Observational Dilemma

The desire to observe embryos regularly in order to make accurate assessments, while minimizing disturbance to avoid stressing them, has been a long-standing dilemma.

Before the time-lapse, embryos must be taken out of the incubator to be assessed, exposing them to unnecessary stress and fluctuations. The new time-lapse technology solves this problem by allowing continuous observation of your embryos in an undisturbed culture. 

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