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Starting a family is not always a smooth journey. There can be many bumps that need to be addressed before you can successfully become pregnant. Doctors may recommend a number of different methods to counter whatever personal difficulties your family is facing.

One method to consider is a Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET). This method of IVF involves the embryo/s being cryopreserved for later use.  The procedure involves the thawed embryo manually being inserted through the cervix and then the embryo attaching to the uterine wall. No invasive surgery is required and you will be awake and an active participant for this phase of your family journey. 

But what does a FET entail? What steps should you be taking for a successful FET?

Preparing  Yourself For FET IVF

There are many things that you can do at home to help prepare for your FET procedure. Such as becoming knowledgeable about the FET IVF process, maintaining a healthy diet, exercising, and even just simply planning ahead. By keeping these things in mind, you can help to increase your own success rates. 

Ask Questions

Keeping informed about the procedure as well as your own health can help you feel in control and confident in your ability to prepare your body for the new baby.

Ask your clinical coordinator to verbally go over the procedure with you and be sure to get clarification any time you are unsure or don’t understand a step. Having a thorough grasp of exactly how the procedure will happen and what to expect as a patient is crucial for both peace of mind and managing any worries you may have. That way on the day of the procedure there won’t be any surprises. 

Additionally, it can be helpful to ask questions about your own body and the factors that you may not have control over.

For example, asking about methods to either check your hormone levels or maintaining the optimal hormone levels for successful pregnancy can eliminate complications that only a prescription can help.

Likewise, asking about the thickness of your uterine lining and requesting methods to help improve thickness can be another way to increase success rates.

Finally, ask about the current medication you’re taking, both to improve fertility and to manage any other health conditions. It’s a good idea to have your doctor double check that your medications are working together, not against each other. Having your doctor explain how to take each medication and what they do also ensures you’re doing everything correctly to prepare for your procedure.


Check with your doctor to find out what foods you should prioritize or what supplements you should take to meet the recommended levels. 

In general, you should try to have a healthy and balanced diet. It can be helpful to check what foods will meet this requirement for your personal nutrition needs.

Physical Activities

Blood flow is important for a successful implant, so light exercise such as walking is a good way to increase blood flow without putting stress on the body. Likewise, keeping warm will ensure blood flow is circulating throughout the body, not just towards cold extremities. 

Plan Ahead for your FET procedure

The day of your procedure can be overwhelming so having a game plan before the appointment date can help reduce stress.

It is crucial that the patient has a ride to and from the facility. She should not drive before or after the procedure so securing a ride is critical. 

Timing is also an important factor. You may want to practice the route to the clinic to have a good sense of timing, as you will need to arrive thirty minutes before the procedure. If you live far away or are worried that you may miss the appointment due to traffic or other circumstances, booking a hotel near the facility can help reduce stress as well.

Post-procedure will require rest and relaxation. Make sure you won’t have to think about anything after the procedure. Ask yourself what you will want to eat, how you’re going to acquire it, and what quiet activities you will want to keep yourself occupied. This could mean grocery shopping a few days in advance, ordering in, or finding a new television series to binge. 

On The Day Of Your FET IVF

Preparing for a FET IVF continues on the day of and even after your procedure. On the day of your procedure be sure to follow all doctor’s instructions and do your best to relax. 

Take Your Medications

Unless otherwise instructed, continue taking all medications as normal. Check and double-check that you have taken any supportive medication prescribed such as estrogen or progesterone. 

Come with a Full Bladder

A full bladder helps alter the angle of the uterus for easier placement of the embryo. Make sure to drink plenty of water beforehand so you won’t be waiting at the facility for a full bladder. You may be prescribed Valium to make this more comfortable.


You’re about to undergo an exciting and life-changing procedure. Remind yourself that you’ve done everything correctly and that you’re in the hands of experts. Think positive and remember to breathe. 

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