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Fertility is an extremely fragile state of being. Where to look and who to trust is a daunting task shadowed by desperation. Scouring the internet looking for your best chance of having a family was a nonstop questionnaire of who was the “best”.

"Where to look and who to trust is a daunting task shadowed by desperation."

What did that actually mean? We cared about success rate and wanted a doctor to care about success rate. When we found Dr. Lin it was the best thing that ever happened to us. This rare person who wasn’t just the highest success rate of transfers, but a doctor who held the highest value in embryos. I never knew how much that would mean until our first embryos were made. The long journey of growing them and worrying over every detail of their well being weighed on us… and our doctor.

"We battled low mobility and PCOS and cried more times then we’d like to admit over every negative test we had taken before we changed doctors."

I have never found myself to admire a doctor’s character the way we do. Every detail was talked about, scheduled and planned for. We had what seemed like countless questions answered and a team to hold our hands through the entire process. It felt like we were the only patients.

As our transfer day approached, we got daily calls about our embryos updates and how many were doing great from day to day. On our big day, our doctor was our biggest cheerleader- equally excited, equally hopeful that everything would go exactly as planned. After our transfer the wait for our pregnancy test seemed like forever. The same evening as my blood draw Dr. Lin, himself, called to congratulate us- we were pregnant. And just like that, after years of trying, our doctor gave us all of our dreams on a silver platter. We battled low mobility and PCOS and cried more times then we’d like to admit over every negative test we had taken before we changed doctors. It seemed too good to be true. And too obvious to not go straight back when we were ready for our family to grow again. Just like before, we had an entire team that poured themselves into helping us.

Our second try was much longer then the first because I had developed a new set of issues after my first delivery. I felt like we gained family. How many times have you ever been anywhere that they remembered who you were… your name… your spouse’s name…. we were actual people, not a number in line and we couldn’t have been more thankful. We were so blessed to be able to get pregnant again … and our second time around happened to be with twins. We cried with happiness. My pregnancy wasn’t as smooth sailing as our first time and I developed a couple of complications from carrying twins and at one point we had an emergency…. in the middle of the night. Hysterical and scared and unsure of what to do we called Dr. Lin… who talked us down and told us each step to take… at 2am! He saw us the later that same morning to help reassure us our babies were healthy.

To have a doctor become a real person, to feel like they really care and love your babies isn’t something you find in life. We couldn’t have done this without him. He worked tirelessly to get us pregnant and keep us pregnant with healthy babies. I now have three beautiful, happy and healthy children that other doctors told me I would never have. So thank you Dr. Lin. Thank you for being a part of our journey. For giving us a beautiful future. From the bottom of our hearts.”
– Lindsey A.

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