Your Fertility

October 15, 2020 | 6:00 PM PST

Did you know that you can prepare your body for fertility success? Start planning ahead with preconception counseling!

This October 15th, Iris Lee will be teaching you the essential components of preconception care and how it can optimize your mind, body, and spirit for pregnancy.

All participants will have the chance to receive a comprehensive preconception consultation. This gift will also include dietary and lifestyle counseling and a customized herbal and supplement treatment plan.

Ask Yourself

Is My Body Ready to Conceive?

Many of us don’t realize, but everyday factors can have a major impact on your ability to get pregnant. Daily habits such as what you eat, what medicines you take, and how much stress you experience may all affect your fertility.

If you’re interested in naturally conceiving before seeking treatment, start with preconception planning. By learning how to nurture your fertility, you can avoid the many complications and obstacles that may be caused by common lifestyle habits.

What is Preconception Counseling?

Preconception counseling is the art of aligning your mind, body, and spirit for fertility success. Before trying for conception, you need to understand what your body needs to thrive for pregnancy.

“Parenting begins the moment you make any conscious effort to care for your own health in preparation for enhancing your child’s conception.”

— Carista Luminare-Rosen

How to Nurture Your Fertility

There are many ways to achieve pregnancy through prenatal care. In this upcoming webinar, Iris Lee will be going over the many ways that preconception planning can help you get pregnant. Learn how incorporating fertility diet and nutrition, genetic counseling, acupuncture, herbs, vitamins and supplements can take you closer to your dreams of family.

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