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A discussion of what it is and how the term has changed in today’s modern landscape. Whether you’re actively trying to conceive, dreaming about a future family, or you’ve decided to delay having a child, you’re in the thick of family planning.

What is Family Planning?

The term “family planning” is used broadly for the act of deciding how many children you want to have and when you want to have them. Decades ago, this topic was common in health class or some form of sexual education course, and discussion revolved around abstinence and birth control.

The progression of modern medicine though has changed this conversation, or at the very least, added another dimension to it. Not only has there been a significant increase in couples choosing to take part in natural family planning (which involves dedicated monitoring of a woman’s fertility cycle), but more and more women are looking into egg freezing as an option to preserve their fertility.

When is it Time to Start Family Planning?

There is not one particular answer available for this question. It is best to consult your friends, partner, and medical team to help you make a decision that is personal to you and your life goals.

If you’re not looking to get married or have children until later in life, it might be worth looking into freezing your eggs now, especially if you’re under 35 years old when your fertility is likely at its peak. Or maybe you’re looking to have children sooner and have concerns that you have not been able to conceive naturally.

Whatever the case, it is wise to think of your life proactively and entertain questions about parenthood so you are aware of medical realities and options.

Egg Freezing or Embryo Freezing and Family Planning

Considered an experimental procedure for many years, the technique is now standard for infertility treatment. And as the stigma against egg freezing continues to decrease, egg freezing is more and more looked at as a way to preserve fertility. Many fertility specialists are even reporting a surge of new patients, including more women under 35 who bring a different mentality.

This version of “family planning” is a more concentrated effort to protect future fertility options. In addition to freezing eggs, Reproductive Fertility Center offers women the option to freeze embryos and their partners can freeze sperm.

It is more difficult to freeze eggs than it is to freeze sperm or embryos because of eggs have a higher water content, but our fertility doctors are here to give you the information you need as you continue family planning conversations. Read more about egg freezing results and the benefits of the procedure here.

We recommend that you fully discuss the benefits, risks, advantages, and disadvantages with a Reproductive Fertility Center physician prior to making the decision to freeze your eggs.

Egg freezing is usually recommended for single women age 38 and under who have any of the following life considerations:

  • Career women
  • Women who are going to delay having families  
  • Women who will be undergoing cancer treatments to preserve fertility
  • IVF patients who may have an issue with discarding embryos

Modern medicine has given us the incredible technology to freeze both eggs and embryos, which means family planning today is a much different landscape than a few decades ago.

Family planning is valuable, whatever your current situation and your plans are for the future. Although sometimes cost is a concern, frozen eggs can be a very important part of your family planning goals. They provide a great reproductive option for young women who want children in the future and sometimes, a life-changing safety net for women who come to this conclusion later in life.

Every family is different and your journey to parenthood will be different from everyone else you talk to.  At Reproductive Fertility Center we love working to grow every type of family and will work with you to create the personalized care plan you need to increase your chances of success.

Learn more about egg freezing, family planning IVF and more by calling Reproductive Fertility Center today. Book your appointment online at or call our main office at (949) 453-8600. Dial (626) 388-6022 for Chinese 中文.

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