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20 Infertility Blogs to Inspire and Guide You



Reproductive Fertility Center recognizes that infertility affects many aspects of one’s life. The physical, mental and spiritual fatigue that comes with news of infertility can make a person feel isolated, but we’re here to remind you that you are not alone. Many people live with this condition every day.


In fact, the United States’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that 10 percent of women age 15-44 have trouble getting pregnant or staying pregnant. That’s 6.1 million people across America who are going through the same, uncertain season of life.


And since hearing from others who know what it’s like can make you feel less isolated and help you find new ways to deal with your feelings, we’ve put together a list of 20 infertility blogs that write on the topic of infertility.  Tales of fertility doctors, ivf clinics, surrogacy, egg freezing, and more create a safe online support group.

These blogs are actively working to educate, inspire, and empower their readers with frequent updates and high-quality information.


  1. The Infertility Voice: This online space was created by Keiko Noll in 2009 after she was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure. She has a video on YouTube called “What IF: A Portrait of Infertility” that went viral and won the 2010 Hope Award for Best Viral Video.


  1. Don’t Count Your Eggs: Maya is now a mom thanks to embryo donation, but the archived material is focused on infertility, procedures, and how to cope. The infertility blog posts talk a lot about relationships, difficult decision making and basic survival skills for living on what she calls “infertility island.” She documented her struggle in a documentary called “One More Shot” which you can view on Netflix.


  1. Our Misconception: Candace and Chris share their stories and misconceptions about infertility from both a guy’s and girl’s perspective. They tried for 7 years and detailed the day-to-day struggles on this infertility blog. They have been featured on various news outlets including MTV’s True life, and hope their words help other couples on their journey towards parenthood.


  1. Dreaming of Diapers: This infertility blog is an in vitro fertilization success story that resonates for any couple dealing with the tribulations of infertility. After 5 years dealing with a variety of issues including removal of her right ovary and fallopian tube, a diagnosis of Asherman’s Syndrome and Crohn’s Disease and other complications, the author’s sister volunteered to be a surrogate.


  1. In Due Time: Caroline has put together a faith-based infertility blog detailing her ongoing, 6-year journey with infertility. She has written a book “In Due Time: Hope and encouragement in the waiting” and founded the infertility support group called Moms in the Making.


  1. Diapers and Dimples: This writer describes her blog as a safe place for herself and other women to feel like they are a little less alone in this process of dealing with infertility. She says the blog is a forum for people to talk about things that are a little TMI at times and she pairs the blog with updates on Instagram.


  1. Bubbles and Bumps: This infertility blog is written by best friends Cam and Simone. It is an infertility blog for anyone trying to understand the crazy world of growing a family the ‘science assisted’ way. The pair talks openly about everything from amazing recipe ideas, to the more challenging subjects of miscarriage and IVF treatment.


  1. The Delinquent Stork: With a homepage that reads “Infertility sucks,” this blog promises honesty and realness. Karen, who writes the blog, described her life prior to meeting with a fertility specialist as a fairytale. She refers to infertility as the villian in her story and writes about her journey here.


  1. Journey to Baby Bear: Written by Chelsie, this blog follows the lives of her and her husband whose nickname is “Big Bear.” As they navigate the world of infertility which, for them has included failed pregnancy tests, tumor treatments, countless visits with a fertility doctor and beyond, Chelsie creates an infertility blog as she and her husband wait for their “baby bear.”


  1. Little Wood Project: This blogger is a photographer, entrepreneur, online health & fitness coach, but she wants to add “mom” to that list of titles. She describes infertility as one of the hardest things she has ever had to deal with in her adult life and uses her infertility blog as a way to connect and empathize with other women in similar situations.


  1. Trials Bring Joy: Chelsea is a midwest mom who struggled with infertility for years before giving birth to twins. You can read about her daily life on this site which started as an infertility blog. Past posts reveal a detailed timeline of trying to conceive. She talks about visits to an infertility specialist, fertility drug treatments, in vitro fertilization, miscarriage, egg freezing, and more.


  1. Peanut Mom: In vitro fertilization is not funny, but Lydia makes people laugh about such a complicated subject. She started her infertility blog as a place to vent about the mess that is infertility. She has beaten infertility through IVF treatment, but her older posts include hilarious rants on artificial insemination, pills, stirrups, shots, more pills, pregnancy tests and more.


  1. The Write Mama: Lori writes about life, love and motherhood after infertility. She has infertility blog posts about treatments such as egg donation and in vitro fertilization as well as news updates relating to infertility and IVF funding.


  1. Meant to be Mommy: This infertility blog by Sara was started as a way to share her frustrations. Posts include “An Open Letter to My (Fertile) Friends” and the ongoing details of going through with IVF treatment.


  1. Where the bleep is our stork?: This infertility blog is a place where Theresa can “think out loud.” She is honest, real, raw and open and gives her perspective on the world of infertility.


  1. The Modern Belly: On The Modern Belly infertility blog, Molly writes about infertility and shares her own experience with the obstacles she faced on her path to parenthood. She believes she can help others feel that they are not alone and raise awareness among the general public.


  1. The 1 in 8: Ruth and Andy started dating when they were sophomores in high school. This infertility blog is an account of their journey. They use the online blog as an outlet for themselves and all that they’re going through while also raising awareness about infertility in general.


  1. Oh Baby, Baby: 11 failed attempts at artificial insemination, miscarriages, in vitro fertilization, a gestational carrier and more. This infertility blog by Holly welcomes people struggling with infertility to explore the real emotions and questions that come with the journey.


  1. The Owl and the Empty Nest: Written by a 30-something children’s librarian suffering from infertility. Jenn started seeing a fertility specialist in 2014 and documents her journey here.


20. The 2 Week Wait: Jay is a writer, infertility activist and public speaker who said she maintains her sanity with the help of her sense of humor. In this infertility blog, she writes, “Whether you’re trying to get pregnant, currently pregnant or a new mom, please laugh along with me while we deal with the business of getting knocked up despite the universe’s efforts to knock us down!”